Money and Debt Advice:

CASL provides in depth Specialist Money and Debt Advice & Counselling to those who owe:

  • Rent, Service Charges or Mortgage
  • Council Tax
  • Housing and Council Tax Benefit overpayments
  • Utility Accounts including electricity, gas, water and telephone
  • Credit Debts including Credit Cards, Charge Cards, Store Cards, Catalogues and Doorstep Lenders
  • TV Licence
  • Income tax
  • Hire Purchase
  • Loans
Advice on Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Voluntary Arrangements and Debt Relief Orders


Benefits Advice:

  • Resolving Housing & Council Tax Benefit issues
  • Welfare Benefit Maximisation
  • Representation at Appeals up to Tribunal level
  • Fuel Poverty
  • Applications to Trust Funds eg: EDF Energy and British Gas Trust
Housing Advice:

  • Assistance to Priority and Non-Priority Homeless Persons
  • Advice on Housing Problems in relation to relationship breakdown and domestic violence
  • Advice on Security of Tenure issues
  • Representation in Defending Possession Proceedings
  • Advice on public and private sector repair
  • Advice to improve the circumstances of those forced to live in unsuitable accommodation due to disrepair, high costs, medical problems, harassment or violence
  • Participation in County Court rotas
  Special services for landlords & shared owners: